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The faces of the two
The faces of the two boys suddenly came to my mind and tortured my heart from time to time Cheap Cigarettes. These are two crying faces. Flushing eyes, pure eyes, let my heart not calm for the first time to challenge? In the composition class, after explaining to all the children a game rule, I asked them in aloud. The children are all eager to try. The things that have not been experienced by themselves are very tempting for the children. At this time, a fat The fat boy couldn't help but feel excited, and excitedly first ran up and tried to challenge. But when he was full of strength, exhausted his strength, and still challenged the failure, his excitement immediately mixed with a trace of loss. The excitement comes suddenly, the loss becomes sensitive. This is not a game that can challenge success by strength alone. It needs wisdom. The children are suddenly thinking. His eyes are still full of excitement. Just when he When it seems that I have to say my own thoughts, a boy with glasses raised his hand eagerly. "I am coming!" The boy in glasses quickly ran to the challenge and quickly fiddled with the props, and the challenge was easily accomplished. The children cheered. The cheers of others spurred him, and his face passed a touch of blush. It became so silent that the boy wearing glasses had done a good job. There are many ways, who is better?" I asked again. The children were thinking about the method nervously, but he seemed anxious. He suddenly put his mouth close to the ear of the same table and said something. His desk was excited to run up to challenge. The result is another failure. "Failure is normal, we continue to think." I comforted him and the children. His sensitive heart seemed to have been hit for a little while, and several children rushed to raise their hands and wanted to show their skills. I arranged for them to challenge one by one. Each of their successful challenges ushered in everyone's applause. And when my gaze fell on him again, he stared at me with helpless eyes. I can't help but see in my heart, a kind of idea that wants to care for him. I looked at him with anticipation: "You try again, what better way do you have?" "I don't go." He is like a frightened snail, defending against the invasion of foreign enemies, stationing himself. Site. I enthusiastically encouraged him: "Boldly think, bravely." He still said nothing, his head shook like a rattle, and at the same time his eyes became flushed, and tears in his pure eyes. Oh, he actually cried that he was a sensitive child, and sensitivity made him vulnerable. He is an excellent child. His usual composition is very well written. He is often admired by my praise and classmates. At this time, the sense of superiority suffered a setback and his self-esteem was hurt. His fragility deeply hurts my heart. Fragile heart, when can you learn to have a strong break between classes, he and three boys play happily outside the classroom. When I walked over to them, he showed a grievance. I hurriedly asked what was going on, and the other two boys quickly complained that another thin boy had hit him when he was playing. These naughty ghosts always love to play around. The skinny boy came with a toy pistol in front of the composition class. I specifically emphasized that he would put it away and not play it. Now he took it out again and hit someone else. This aroused my anger. I asked him why he was beaten by others. He quickly replied: "I didn't beat him!" "They both said that you played." I further confirmed. "Mr. Li, he accidentally hit someone else when he hit us two." The other two boys quickly added Marlboro Red. Children are naturally playful, and it is normal to play. "I don't want to bring things in the future Carton Of Cigarettes, pay attention to safety when playing." I warned them. He felt aggrieved, only because he accidentally hit someone while playing, and this unintentional mistake made him feel aggrieved. In an instant, his eyes became flushed, and his tears seemed to flow out of his pure eyes. The other two boys laughed at him: "The person who was beaten did not cry Cigarettes For Sale, but the person who beat him cried. I was the first time to see him as a sensitive child, and sensitivity made him vulnerable Marlboro Lights. He is also an excellent person. The child, the usual composition is well written, often praised by my praise, classmates. At this time, the fault has invaded his heart, his self-esteem has been hurt. His fragility and deeply hurt my Heart. Vulnerable heart, when can you learn that I understand the sensitivity of their innateness - sensitive people are vulnerable. Because of sensitivity, external stimulation of them, inner torture of them. They are in a fragile heart Vigilant and huddled to live. I can understand them just like knowing me, I want to care for them just like caring for me. I hope they learn to bear and learn to be strong, just like seeds break through the dirt, like the sun puncturing the clouds, all the good people are often because Sensitive and fragile, it exposes you to ubiquitous and unbearable harm. The better the people, the more vulnerable they are. This may be the careful arrangement of the Creator. Their hearts are often deep inside. Surrounded by a protective layer that they can't control themselves, they carefully protect their sensitive and fragile hearts. Even when they grow up, they still have the fragility of children, and a slight bruise in their lives is for them. They may be fatal blows to hide into the fragile heart, and look at the cruel life. They live self-suffic and wonderful. Vulnerability is the essence of the soul, and strength is the wings of the heart. How can they protect their fragility and build strong, Is this person flying more freely, more permanent, and better? I am full of helplessness and expectations... (Li Junjun wrote on December 17, 2015 at 2:16)

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