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These days have been
These days have been between half-dream and half-awake, the night can not be embarrassed, but the day is tired. The reason for this is that I have been thinking for a few days and have been measuring what kind of strategy can free myself from the uneasiness of the heart and dissatisfaction with reality. Every day, people are exposed to all kinds of people, but in the face of interests, no matter who they are, they will be slaves. I really don't know how to tell the right and wrong of things. I will understand when I really set foot on a class circle. Perhaps at the time of birth, it is already destined for a person to be in the position of the pyramid of society Newport 100S, but the poorest, but also to live, this is the philosophy of life. Maybe only the real brother can understand my mood at this time. Only the real brothers will understand what I am doing. Only the true brothers will understand my sometimes weakness. When I was unable to do my best, there were many brothers who helped me. When I was at the cusp, I didn��t want to have any mistakes and embarrassment. I am not a nitpicker, but sometimes I have to do it. Doing a good job is a matter of your own. If you don't do well, you can only face the conscience of your life. You can only swear by your own brothers, including my full blessings and hopes. When life is over, there is no end to this situation. Fate. Chewing these two simple words, I am inexplicably excited and even excited, and deeply immersed in a kind of ambiguous thoughts. Unfolding the wings of flying, I went to find the unpredictable edge of the gods, whether it is with people, or with things, the connection is an intriguing thing. Sometimes, fate is just like a blood type, and it is innate and lingering. The fate of the text, it is such a wonderful, with a destined karma, my life is deeply imprinted with the imprint of the text in my childhood memories Wholesale Cigarettes, the father is a person who loves to read. Under his influence, the text is like a seed, planted in my heart. As I grew up, these seeds took root, sprouted, and thrived. In my heart, I gradually propped up a lush green shade, nourishing and caring for my physical and mental student era Online Cigarettes. Language has always been my favorite subject; It is not just a world of words, but a wonderful world. One by one, the text hits the heart, and I walked through time and space, and realized the leisurely and empty dreams of "the dream of Jiangnan Meishu, the night boat playing the flute", to appreciate the "south of the desert, the long river The Xiaosuo and the sacred texts of the Japanese Yen have enriched my world and changed my life. The book, as the carrier of words, has naturally become my beloved. Traveling in the ocean of books, I am like a fish, I am content. During the university period, the text can be said to be my closest companion. We are inseparable, whether it is spring blossoms or winter and winter snow; as a kind of nutrition, it has become a spiritual food for me to maintain my life. I am a glimpse of the literary masters of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, and they are obsessed with their writings. "When the stars of the human are shining," I bathe in their glory and look up at the starry sky in an attempt to break the mysterious call Newport Cigarettes. Looking up, I wrote some articles that did not go to the elegant but relaxed literary dreams. My literary dreams, after graduating from the Burning University, I still unexpectedly and helplessly still belong to the "silent majority" - "free singing" is just a illusory Nanke dream. The reason why I am silent is because I still lack the ability to express - both on the verbal narrative and on the writing of the text; for the words, I have a clean and good attitude, and I am not willing to open my mouth. For me, the most important and effective way to achieve "free singing" is to write your own thoughts and emotions through writing, songs or crying, and let yourself fly out of the "silent majority" and become a " The elf who sings freely. I am even more obsessed with the words into the social work, my feelings on the text is getting deeper and deeper: a deep call to "friends", often let me boil, tears in full bloom... silently watching "love", often excitement The same words, different charms; the constant is the attachment and expectation of the dream, the change is a cherished and rare after the experience of the world - because it is rare, so cherish the text, I Use your writing of the truth, goodness and beauty of the world, and write the suffering, struggle, and nobleness of the soul! Let those who are distressed and ignorant of their dreams, even the other side, can feel the dawn of hope! I want to walk side by side with the text on the road of pilgrimage, and go to the distant place of glory. The text, like my thoughts and watchfulness, makes me dream, and I will toss and turn in the middle of the night, meet in the dream usa-cigarette.com, even Get a good sentence. Is it a blessing or a curse? Why bother to care, and not to panic, "one is a literati, there is no enough view" argument, just in opposition to the words, poetically inhabited in this cold and warm world, "holding the hand, with the old

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